Wednesday, 15 September 2010


My role in society has somewhat changed over the years and it has left me wondering where I really fit?

As a child I was always a target for bullies. I was moved around a lot. I didn't finish any stage of education at one particular school, it was always split between at least two. I never had any real friends. I didn't fit. Anywhere.

As a teen I started to make acquaintances. No real 'best friend' though. ' Best friends came and went.

Then I met Mr X. He became my world. I don't think he particularly like me either. I know his friends hated that I got to spend so much time with him. It didn't last.

After Mr X. I started to find my own sense of self. Developed my own (albeit flawed) personality. I discovered who I was, what I liked and my freedom. I learned to love myself.

It is only really then that I started to make 'friends'. Not necessarily the right sort of friends mind you.

Almost certainly damaged by past experiences, I found it difficult to hold onto friends. Mostly because I am overly analytical about everything!

Moving away helped. A lot. Funny that something that I regarded as hindrance as a child was now my saviour?

Having my children has helped open up a new spectrum of people to interact with. Many of whom I would not have considered worthy before.

Are any of these people friends?

At what stage does someone become a real friend?

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