Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I do not live in a typical domestic bliss.

My life is organised chaos.

I have 3 children. It has to be.

What I really do not understand is when the shift in the balance occurred?

Ok fair enough. Women burned their bra's for equality and to be able to vote, own property, inherit etc.

I can accept that this was a necessary protest in order to change the ways of the world.

What I don't get is why when women are now socially equal (as long as you don't compare salaries) we are still expected to raise children including all the socialisation and early years development that is required to raise a 'normal' child, run a house including basically doing all the housework, deal with all the paperwork, deal with all the money, do the DIY, be an active participant in all the voluntary parent organised events at EACH of the schools/clubs/community groups that your children attend as well as be expected to work to earn money and not be allowed the opportunity to moan about feeling a little bit tired.

Don't get me wrong. My husband works. Hard. And does long hours as well as overtime and 24 hours shifts to help make ends meet. (and they don't often meet!) but he comes home from work in the evening and sits on his bum from when the children go to bed until I nudge him to wake up and tell him to go up to bed and sleep.

While I run around like a lunatic cooking, cleaning, sewing, repairing, painting, fixing, ironing, cleaning out the 7 pets that we own, washing, drying, emptying bins as well as checking the children, tending to them if they cry, doing all the paperwork, paying bills, shopping, learning and working until I collapse into bed aching from top to toe.

When did that become equal?

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