Wednesday, 15 September 2010

THE 3 R'S - Read wRite and Remember

My lovely little man is not the kind of child to be sit and 'shown' how to do something. He is quickly becoming a real 'boy'. All action, adventure and running, bouncing and jumping!

His second week of school has been traumatic to say the least. I have had to peel him off my leg each morning as he runs through a list of excuses as to why he can't stay there without me.

So, for him to sit quietly with his "little drawing cards" as he calls them and actually sit and write over the the pre-dotted lines in the shape of letters and declare "look mummy, do you know what that says? It says train!"

And he is right. He has actually sat and written over the dots and written the word "train" and is very proud of himself.

I am ever so very much proud too!

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