Sunday, 18 December 2011

Washing, washing, washing! Argh!!!

I don't know if there are many of you out there who would agree, but I seem to have a never ending pile of laundry. I know I have 3 small children and that as they get older the number of clothes required to get through a day/week ratio will eventually decrease, as it has since we have moved away from sicky babydom.

In light of the fact that my home is my workplace and that I work long hours every day Monday to Friday (minimum 11 hour days) and during this time it is unprofessional to have clothes drying on every available radiator, chair back etc. I have come to the conclusion that my wash pile may never end.

My washing machine is always on and of a weekend, I have 2 clothes horses air-drying and my tumble goes on at least once per day for towels/bedding etc. but it still is not enough. Especially during winter months when the option of drying outside is completely out of the question as everything comes in wetter than it went out (gotta love British weather!).


Today whilst mooching around my local shop, picking up work bits and stocking up on stuff I know I'll use over Christmas I came across a really good deal on a portable, collapsable clothes drier. So I bought it.

A JML DriBUDDY is currently drying away in my kitchen and I have to say so far, I am impressed. It was really easy to put together (it did not require any 'man' help) and following the simple instructions has had me plugged in and off within 20 minutes. (Well, I did have to wait for the washing machine to finish.)

Merry Christmas to me!

I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of noise. It is quieter than my tumble dryer, hoover and hair dryer! It also lacks in the pungent damp aroma that is normally generated from air-drying clothes indoors and the damp heavy feeling that the tumble dryer emits. I just think this is a fabulous laundry accessory to anyone than that needs to meet the never ending washing requirements of running a family or someone who has limited space or no room for a tumble dryer.

It drys really quickly too! I hung the maximum number of 18 garments inside and was quite surprised that after only 30 minutes of dry time they were very nearly completely dry.

At a retail price of £59.99 it is quite an investment but it IS cheaper than a cheap priced tumble dryer and it is far healthier than having damp clothes hanging around. It is also cheaper than the Lakeland option which comes in at £79.

I'm really glad I made the leap. No more will I be sitting there with my
hair drier on a Monday morning drying a shirt collar that hasn't quite dried on the airier or ramping the heating up to dry a pair of lined school shorts on the radiator that I forgot to dry in the tumble the night before. Instead I will pop my DriBUDDY up and stick the bits I need inside while I get on with making the children's breakfasts and pack lunches or maybe apply a spot of make up ready for my working day to begin.

What's more it is completely collapsible for easy storage. Bonus!

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