Monday, 12 December 2011

It is starting to feel a bit like Christmas

This post is about nothing but documenting my little family getting ready for the festivities and giving you all the chance to be a bit nosy!

I don't profess to be ├╝ber mum and have everything purchased, wrapped, written and premade and frozen by the 1st week of advent. I am more of a dribs and drabs kind of mum.

Years gone by have taught me that the mad dash to buy everything following the last payday before Christmas day (usually Christmas eve) is not good for my health or my marriage!

So this year, I once again vow to be a little more organised and get everything ready early, ish.

I have to say I am rather proud of my efforts so far. I have purchased most if not all the gifts for the children, spent ages reorganising hidey-holes to put them so as not to ruin the illusion of the big red man, I have also bought some gifts for Mr Bean and there may even still be a surprise or two! The food, well apart from grabbing the odd BOGOF, I have ordered the turkey and I've made a cake.

However, there are (finally) some decorations up. We have even spent time making some!

And so the house is starting to feel a teensy bit Christmassy and the children's excitement can at last begin to build.

Oh and I have started to write the Christmas cards too.

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