Friday, 10 December 2010

Men are from Mars...

How is it that when a man and a woman decide to have a child together it is only the woman that changes her priorities?

I'm absolutely sick to death of my husbands attitude to all things family orientated!

The most irritating of all being that he seems incapable of taking charge of any of the children for any length of time yet it is perfectly feasible for me to look after all 3 of them from Monday through Friday from the moment they wake up until they collapse into bed of an evening and then (and only then!) do I get to start on my work.

You see I am self employed. I have my own business which comprises of 3 incomes. I also volunteer  for the catholic preschool which my children all attend, have attended or will attend. Obviously having three children going through it over a period of many years I felt it would be charitable of me to give something back.

The work to which I refer to above that begins after the children hit slumber land actually refers to the running of the house; with 3 children under 4 they require constant supervision, entertainment, feeding, attention throughout the day.

What really pisses me off is that my husband then see's fit to come home and moan that he might have to put a dishwasher load on!

I mean it's really not a lot to ask is it?

How come also is it ok for him to deposit various item's of dirty washing wherever he feels is acceptable yet we strive to teach our offspring where is the correct place to put their dirty clothes to assist mummy in being able to do the wash/dry/iron/hanging up with smooth efficiency. Surely we should be practicing what we preach?

Yet, all the blue jobs in the house like emptying bin, gardening, decorating, DIY, dog walking can be left until he sees fit to actually get off his arse to do it.

I don't mean to be funny, but, if I am expected to raise 3 kids, run a whole house, bring in 3 incomes (that equal his sole income!) why the fuck does he get a night off for a Christmas drink with his mates but I don't?

Sexual equality, yea right.

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