Wednesday, 1 December 2010

follow up to : Warning Explicit Content

On re-reading my last post, I feel a little like you may get the wrong idea about my intentions.

I am not being purely selfish in terms of dissatisfaction. The momentous "O" is not where sex always needs to end up.

I love my husband (more than he deserves sometimes) and that does not change as a result of our flagging fornication's.

I am simply immensely frustrated by our lack of passion. Or rather the ability to put passion into it!

Sex has always been a bit of a deal-breaker in previous relationships. With good sex often being the trigger for my not leaving bad relationships quick enough in the past.

I am unsure of how long a relationship/marriage can survive with lacklustre in the pleasure stakes? I'm also rather concerned that this might change my perspective of the man I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with.

Nobody has to read this, it's more like a journal entry..tbc.

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