Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Diet GLORIOUS diet...

...I'm totally not convinced but I am willing to actually give this a proper shot.

I need to lose weight. I have had 3 beautiful children across 4 years and although they still get some of the blame for my weight inconsistency, deep down I know that a lot of it is down to my crap diet and incredibly sweet tooth!

I'm not obese. However, my BMI level currently resides in the dangerous zone so something has got to be done.

I have bitten the bullett and joined an online slimming club (my second attempt this year). I have 10 months to lose 3st.

You see, it is my 30th birthday next year and my hubby has kindly agreed to fund a lovely holiday abroad in favour of having a party that the kids can't attend. (Those who know me will know and understand that my children are my life and I believe that once you have kids they are part of all of life's milestones and I would really want them to be there to share in this one).

It will be the first bikini holiday my husband and I have EVER been on together and the first time that the children will go abroad. I have a lot riding on this.

We'll see.

The good news is that I am not hungry and I am already losing weight! (hooray!) I'll keep you posted!

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