Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Hols - I'm surviving are you?

I have to say the fear of god was upon me when I realised the week before the end of term that the summer holidays would be upon me in a flash. What with the final week consisting of non stop 'events' at school and preschool I was more than aware that I needed to get my bum in gear and arrange something (anything) for the kids to do over the 6 (7) weeks summer holidays. Last year was bearable, this year would be HELL ON EARTH with 4yo in full time school and 3yo in preschool, well not in their respective establishments!

SO, I started to investigate. Then I reeled at the cost of every blooming summer holiday activity available through our local district council and I opted for a more frugal (yes you may read 'cheap') alternative.

Thats not to say that I haven't paid for anything, however I am sticking to the adult pays and the kids go free options.

Week 1 was a success with a trip to RHS gardens (£7.50 for me, kids under 5 go free), a picnic in the woods, going to play rangers (free day out ran by council!), joining the circus stars at the library and even some school work!

The library was a resounding success and the 4yo is quite excited to borrow a book (shame I can't get him to read it. Still I have another 5 weeks to work on that!)

I will keep you posted as the weeks go by and hopefully  might offer some inspiration to someone else along the way.

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